David Dibble Director

Filmmaker, writer, director, cinematographer and composer, David Dibble started developing his unique and often whimsical view of the world in the 7th grade when his parents bought a video camera in his hometown of Hanford, California. This lead to Lego stop-motion movies, an epic Star Trek movie with cardboard sets and models on strings, and a music video for Florida Citrus made with fellow high school students that won a national award which included a trip to Walt Disney World. After learning filmmaking fundamentals at the University of Southern California’s renowned film school, he was taken under wing by legendary cinematographer Allen Daviau, A.S.C. (E.T., Empire of the Sun, Bugsy, Avalon). Daviau’s artistry and perfectionism guided David to hone his craft as a cinematographer on many of his own independent films and commercials as well as a variety of features, shorts, documentaries, music videos and commercials.

Whether the story is about an old man who turns on the moon, a projectionist who creates a town through movie images or a miner who digs for gold film reels, David’s child-like view has charmed many audiences and has lead to awards and accolades. His short film “Adonis,” which is about a dating service that uses a cute dog to find girls and stars current Broadway star James Snyder and Ghostbuster Ernie Hudson, features a world created entirely with miniature dollhouses and model railroads. “Adonis” traveled the world to over 25 film festivals winning 9 awards including Best Emerging Short Film at the American Pavilion Emerging Filmmaker Showcase at the Cannes Film Festival, Directors’ Award for Best Short Film at the Sedona International Film Festival and Best Animation at the Big Bear Lake International Film Festival. Receiving distribution, “Adonis” is still being shown around the world. Recently, David has won gold ADDY awards from the American Advertising Federation for his Silverton commercials as well as his film festival trailers for Breckenridge and Durango.

When watching a David Dibble film, you’ll also hear a unique musical score.  Along with directing and cinematography, David is also an accomplished composer and has been creating his own original scores since high school.  Combining sampled orchestras with real performers, often his own trombone playing and sometimes quirky instruments like kazoos, David’s soundtracks are fun, cinematic and distinctly his own.

Wearing many hats, David sets himself apart from others in the industry by being a true auteur. A David Dibble production showcases David’s distinct independent filmmaker style via his whimsical view of the world, quirky characters and his signature original soundtracks.